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This site is dedicated to the family history of the Will and Schumacher families. Although much of the history before the Will and Schumacher families arrived in the USA is not well documented, I owe a debt of gratitude to countless people for recording and providing the information that is provided in these pages. Ida Schumacher spent a good portion of her life donating her time to many volunteer projects, of which this genealogy is one. Ida was a wealth of information regarding the early history of Ferdinand and Henriette Schumacher and their families. In addition, Mildred Plumlee, through her research and conversations with countless family members, recorded much of the early history of the Albert and Mathilde Will families.

This family tree is continually changing. Much of what is contained here has been researched in detail and checked against available sources. However, there are sure to be occasional inaccuracies in this history. I welcome all opportunities to update and correct the history with new information.

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